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Maybe the Solution to L.A.’s Housing Crisis Is This Floating Asteroid Skyscraper

It hangs from a hunk of orbiting space rock like a hot air balloon

Slide Show: Treasures From The Disneyland Auction

Artifacts from the Haunted Mansion, Enchanted Tiki Room, and It’s A Small World go up for bids this weekend

L.A.’s First Urban Fruit Trail Has Been Vandalized

All but a few of the trees planted in Lafayette Park by children were destroyed last night

Going Up: How Your view of Los Angeles is About to Change Forever

At 32 stories City Hall remained the tallest structure here until 611 Place was built downtown in 1969. That’s about to change drastically, with plans for several very high (and even higher-profile) buildings in the works

A Freeway Atlas From Before You Could Say You Took The 5 to the 2 to the 134

By the time this guide map was published in the beginning of the 1960s, Los Angeles had become a full-fledged freeway city and the automotive age for Southern California was in its middle-years.

CityDig: DayTrippin’ on The Pacific Electric Trolley

This familiar map by D.W. Pontius, traffic manager of the Pacific Electric streetcar system, has appeared many times in many sources

Exclusive: Hollywood Bowl to Debut A New Wine Bar This Summer

See what the new space will look like when it is finished and how construction is shaping up

CityDig: Is This Beverly Hills’ First Star Homes Map?

Several fascinating stories are told in this combination real-estate come-on and map to celebrities' homes that heralded the development of one of the most glamorous neighborhoods in Los Angeles in 1926

CityDig: The Mt. Lowe Railway’s Thrilling, Terrifying Circular Bridge

Call it 19th-century L.A.’s idea of a thrill ride. Leaving the safety of the granite slopes, trolley cars raced out onto a creaking, cantilevered wooden trestle, soaring over a 1000-foot sheer drop—with no reassuring seat belts or safety bars.

CityDig: An Auto Road Map From When L.A. Was Traffic Free

Los Angeles was just 17 years into the era of horseless carriages when this map was produced in 1914