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UCLA Lab School Teachers Strike Over Unfair Labor Practices

Educators at the prestigious UCLA Lab School are protesting what they call bad faith from management in the second UC strike in recent months

Finals Week Panic Hits UC Hard as 1000s of Academics Continue to Strike

As the end of semester looms, University of California students worry about finishing without their teaching assistants

Strikes Hit All 10 UC Campuses as 48,000 Union Academics Walk

Union leaders say the massive brainiac strike will be the largest work stoppage at any academic institution in history
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Compton’s School District Is Suing the UC System Over ‘Discriminatory’ Standardized Tests

A pair of lawsuits call for the end of admissions based on the SAT and ACT
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Bernie Sanders Is Coming to L.A. for a UC Union Rally Next Week

...oh and because he's running for president

UC Davis Introduces a New Institute Devoted to Chinese Food and Culture

Chef Martin Yan serves as culinary advisor to the new Confucius Institute.