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Chateau Marmont Staff Wins Union Contract in Bruising Years-Long Battle

An extended strike and boycott has kept the iconic WeHo haunt half-empty for over a year. Can Andre Balazs’ grand hotel get its groove back?

Feds Say Long Beach Dockworkers Charged Sex to Union Health Plan

Nine people, including 7 Port of Long Beach workers, are accused of bilking insurance for $2.1 million, largely to pay for sexual services
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Fired Chateau Marmont Workers Finally Get Their Union

Chateau Marmont employees are going back to work with the support of a union after more than two years of struggle and celebrity scabs

The Striking Strippers of North Hollywood Could be Joining Actors’ Equity

“We like what we do. We would like our jobs even more if we had basic worker protections," said Star Garden dancer Velveeta

With Low Pay and High Injuries, O.C. Medieval Times Actors Attempt Union

The Buena Park players say dressing Dark Age and getting savaged by horses while dealing with service industry crap deserves a real wage

Top Hollywood Union Slams Academy for Oscar Night Jilt

More than half the categories dropped from the Academy Awards "are specific to tasks the union represents"

Why the Pasta at These Three Restaurants Rules

From Ceci's Gastronomia in Silverlake to L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele in Hollywood, here are three lowkey pasta spots you need to check out
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MOCA Workers Move to Unionize Just as the Museum Preps to Drop Entry Fees

The demand that the union be recognized comes just weeks after a similar move at the Marciano Art Foundation

These Are the Bands You Can’t Miss at Arroyo Seco Weekend, According to the Headliners

Plus everything else you need to know about L.A.'s newest music and food festival