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The Other Great L.A. Water Debate: Faucet vs. Bottle

Is municipal water really any less safe than the expensive stuff?

Foam Finger: Another Missed Shot for Shabazz Muhammad

They call it a rookie mistake for a reason, but we’re ready for the former Bruin and NBA newbie to get his act off the court together

Foam Finger: Your USC and UCLA Football Season Preview

A look at the cross-town rivals’ strengths and weaknesses as they head off to fall camp

You Don’t Look A Day Over 99, Avalon!

The island city was founded on June 26, 1913. Celebrating Avalon’s 100th birthday with ten unusual measurements of Catalina’s rich history

Video Village With Ask Chris: Ray Manzarek On Venice Beach

Doors co-founder says Venice is "Where a man could commit a crime, plan a murder, start a religion.”

DispL.A. Case #71: Ray Bradbury’s Typewriter

The history of Los Angeles as told through 232 objects.

USC Snatches 2 Leading Brain Researchers from UCLA

In an example of pedagogical poaching at its finest, two prominent UCLA brain researchers were lured to Trojan territory after USC promised them the moon and stars—and an expansion for their internationally acclaimed laboratory.

South American Cuisine in L.A. is Hot, Hot, Hot

Argentina’s Chef Francis Mallman Grills, Chile’s Chef Rodolfo Guzman Thrills, and Chef Alex Atala Filled UCLA’a Moore Hall.

In Heidi Duckler’s Footsteps

From the L.A. River to the former Ambassador Hotel, Heidi Duckler and her eponymous troupe have spent 28 years bringing their performances to L.A. landmarks.

On His Way: Archival Coverage of Jackie Robinson, College Sports Star

Robinson may be remembered best for the cultural impact his baseball career and personal character had on the civil rights movement, but his lesser-known record as a local college athlete is no less impressive.