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USC and UCLA Set to Leave the PAC 12 for Big Ten by 2024

The latest domino to fall in NCAA conference realignment is the City of Los Angeles.USC and UCLA, members of the Pac 12 and its prior iterations since the 1920s,...

UCLA Brings Back Indoor Mask Mandate Amid Surge in COVID Cases

The SoCal university has announced that they will, once again, be requiring students to wear masks indoors

Former UCLA Lecturer’s ‘Creepy’ Trail of Disturbing Behavior Toward Women

The ex-lecturer and postdoctorate fellow was raising red flags at colleges before he ever wound up in L.A.

UCLA Forward Arrested for Allegedly Spitting on Arizona Fans

Mac Etienne was arrested Thursday night after he allegedly spat on Arizona fans following the Bruins’ 76-66 loss to the Wildcats

UCLA Classes Resume After Ex-Lecturer Arrested Over Threats

Officials resumed in-person learning Wednesday at UCLA after the former philosophy lecturer who made threats to the campus was arrested

UCLA Cancels Classes Over Mass Shooting Threat From Ex-Lecturer

In-person learning was canceled at the university Tuesday based on apparent threats from former philosophy lecturer Matthew Harris

Dear L.A. Sports Fans: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Due to COVID at UCLA, this year's Holiday Bowl was cancelled just hours before kickoff

UCLA Crowd Surge Sparks New Safety Protocol Amid Astroworld Aftermath

After a large group waiting outside of a UCLA basketball game turned into a mob, officials have added special guidelines
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UCLA and Other Schools Are Studying Kindness as an Antidote to a Cruel World

Inside the effort to make a fuzzy abstract an academic discipline for the mental health of humankind
kelly lytle hernandez

This UCLA Professor’s Books on Policing and Prison Used to Be Treated as Radical. Now, Everything’s Changed

Award-winning historian Kelly Lytle Hernández seizes on a moment when the country is suddenly willing to grapple with white supremacy