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One of Uber’s Recent Tech Ideas Makes Us a Little Nervous

Can an app guess if you’re drunk? And, if it can, what will it do with that information?
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Self-Driving Vehicles Are Going to Dramatically Change L.A.’s Car Culture—and Soon

According to experts, driverless cars are the future of transportation in L.A., whether you like it or not

Uber Wants to Put L.A. in Flying Taxis by 2020

Your dreams of flying over traffic may yet come true

Driverless Ubers Coming to U.S. This Month

You read that right—the future is here

Uber May Not Actually Reduce Drunk Driving Deaths

A new study challenges the idea that ride shares are saving lives

Uber Slashes Prices for Rides to Expo Line

Free uberPOOL rides (basically) for those who live close to the new extension

What the Uber Settlement Means for Drivers, Passengers

The $84 million payout will bring changes to both

Would a Female-Run Uber Solve Problems or Cause Them?

A new rideshare offers women drivers for female riders, but some say it's discriminatory

Uber Is Offering $4,200 Copter Rides to Coachella

Innovation or shark jumping moment? You decide

Some Factoids on uberPOOL As It Celebrates One Year in L.A.

The rideshare has forever changed how the city gets around