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The Hugo Problem

He was L.A.’s most prominent male feminist, a professor of gender studies who used his online presence to burnish his reputation. Then Hugo Schwyzer’s bad behavior—sex with students, substance abuse, and a chilling act of violence—came to light, and Twitter took him down

The Most Memorable Moments from Last Night’s Oscars

Hint: Many were musical and almost none included Ellen DeGeneres

We Sent a Writer to Tweet an Opera

The view from the "tweet seats" of LA Opera's experimental production of "The Magic Flute" looks pretty good.

Remember Going Out to Eat Before We Had the Internet?

Mandatory.com explores the funny ways the web has changed our dining habits.

Guy Fieri Didn’t Get The URL For His Restaurant; Someone Else Grabbed it to Mock His Menu… With Stolen Jokes

A programmer in NYC noticed that GuysAmericanKitchenAndBar.com hadn't been registered, and lampooned Fieri's restaurant with a mock menu. Unfortunately, the jokes don't appear to be his.

The Real Story Behind Last Night’s Hostage Situation

By now you've probably heard about the hostage situation that occurred last night at the Howard Hughes Center. The police are still piecing it together, but most of what we know about it we didn't learn from official news outlets.

TONIGHT: Eddie Izzard Opens at Trepany House

British comedian Eddie Izzard tweeted a surprise announcement yesterday: He'll be doing a series of work-in-progress shows -- starting tonight.