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#EmmylessDonald Is Trending Because, Well, Donald Trump Has Never Won an Emmy

He has a lot of opinions about the Emmys, but no awards of his own

Trump’s War on Twitter Critics Is Far From Over

Despite Monday’s court ruling, some people say they're still #BlockedByTrump
donald trump twitter

Twitter Users Blocked by President Trump Are Having a Field Day

Welcome back to the crazy train, folks!
elon musk twitter

Elon Musk May Have Ruined Twitter for All Puckish Billionaire CEOs

The SEC is still in a tizzy about the Tesla chairman's social media presence
americana meme account

This Obsessive Americana Meme Account Is Our New Favorite Thing on the Internet

Dueling mall Twitter profiles are dishing up more beef than a food court
bret easton ellis new book white memoir

A First Look at the New Bret Easton Ellis Book Everyone’s Talking About

The author's new memoir, White, is a big middle finger to all the beliefs you (probably) hold dear
alta journal twitter

Alta Journal’s “Fake Boobs” Tweet About L.A. Was Way Off-Base

Bay Area-based Alta Journal paid L.A. a pretty back-handed compliment today
devin nunes twitter

Devin Nunes Wants to Take His “Mom” and “Cow” to Court Over Tweets About Taints

The Congressman filed a bonkers lawsuit against Twitter and a pair of parody accounts

The 25 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for The Anti-Trump Resistance

For real news, smart reactions, and the occasional-but-necessary laugh

These are the 50 Twitter Accounts Everyone in L.A. Should Follow

Essential reading for true Angelenos