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Elon Musk Swears Hilarious $420 Tesla Stock Offer ‘Was Not A Joke’

Elon Musk told a court his tweet saying he'd take Tesla private for $420 per-share was based on math and a for-real offer from Saudi pals

Google Announces Layoffs of 12K Staffers in Latest Tech Bloodletting

The company joins Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter in mass sackings. A looming economic downturn is blamed, but could there just be a surplus of "elites"?

Twitter Is Now an Ideal Setting For Bogus “Sudden-Death” Conspiracy Theory

A new, false idea around the Covid-19 vaccine and heart attacks is spreading virulently through the deregulated platform

Elon Musk’s Crash Course at Tesla

Never mind the dumpster fire at Twitter. The (sometimes) richest man in the world’s bigger headache just may be his once-darling car company

These People and Things Were Elon Musk’s $44 Billion Twitter Enablers

Now that Elon Musk's Twitter takeover has proven quite awful for everyone, here's a look at who helped make it happen

Elon Musk’s ‘Crazy Stalker’ is Victim, Not Suspect: Pasadena Police Report

Elon Musk blamed a “stalker" when he banned reporters and changed policy at Twitter, but cops list his security man as the possible perp

Elon Musk Seeks Own Replacement CEO After Twitter Users Say Resign

Twitter CEO Elon Musk asked users if he should remain in charge, was soundly told to be on his way, and now he's looking for the new boss

Twitter Users Tell Elon Musk to Quit as CEO in His Own Poll

Hell no, said Twitter users when Elon Musk asked if he should remain CEO amid policy changes and critic bans

Elon Musk Halts Journalist Twitter Accounts Fearing ‘Assassination’

Elon Musk's Twitter has disappeared accounts of several reporters with Musk claiming he's got an L.A. stalker he never told the cops about

As Elon Musk’s Fortune Dwindles, Twitter Has Quit Paying Rent

Reports say that Twitter 2.0 has stopped paying bills in advance of the likely legal hell about to befall owner Elon Musk