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chrissy teigen

Chrissy Teigen Steps Away from Twitter Amid Alison Roman Feud

The model and cookbook author took the New York Times columnist to task, but ended up summoning trolls in the process
steven mnuchin axl rose

Axl Rose Takes on Steven Mnuchin in a Weird Twitter Feud

The Guns N' Roses frontman isn't a fan of the Treasury Secretary's travel advice
kylie jenner blackfishing

Kylie Jenner’s Makeup-Free Coronavirus Outing Revives ‘Blackfishing’ Chatter

Barefoot and smiling, the mogul was snapped looking plenty different during the pandemic

This Twitter Account Is Savaging Politicians’ and Pundits’ Skype Environs

Devin Nunes's barn didn't get high marks from @ratemyskyperoom
fox news twitter

It’s Been a Full Year Since Fox News Dispatched a Tweet

Incidentally, the conservative news network's last post was about a DACA ruling
elon musk bel-air houses

Elon Musk, Twitter’s Favorite Tweeter, Is ‘Going Offline’

As the Tesla exec takes a breather, a look back at his turbulent history on the platform
celeb phone numbers

Why Some Celebs Are Giving Out Their “Phone Numbers” to Fans

An L.A.-based startup called Community allows actors, musicians, and influencers to dialogue with fans—sort of
donald trump nancy pelosi impeachment inquiry impeachment memes

Twitter Is Having a Field Day with the Impeachment News

That ”presidential harassment” line did not go unnoticed—now make way for the memes
emmylessdonald joshua trump sleeping boy state of the union trump bullying last name trump

Jon Voight Isn’t the Only Celebrity Who Thinks Donald Trump Is Great

A roundup of famous people who also support the guy Voight called the “greatest president since Lincoln”
emmylessdonald joshua trump sleeping boy state of the union trump bullying last name trump

#EmmylessDonald Is Trending Because, Well, Donald Trump Has Never Won an Emmy

He has a lot of opinions about the Emmys, but no awards of his own