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leonard goldberg

Leonard Goldberg, Pioneer of the Made-for-TV Movie, Was a Rare Figure in the Industry

Friends and associates are mourning the loss of the beloved producer, who passed away at 85
roy choi tv show breaking bread

Roy Choi’s New Docuseries Isn’t Afraid of the Tough Parts

On Broken Bread, the L.A. celebrity chef talks food and social justice
stassi shroeder new book basic

Stassi Schroeder Wants Women to Embrace Their “Basic Bitch” Tendencies

Sometimes you just want to talk about The Bachelor. This Vanderpump Rules star gets that.
dating around

As a Minority, Watching Dating Around Was Exhausting

Some of those white guys just don’t get it

These Are the Voyages of the Restoration of the Starship Enterprise

Work on the original model from the TV series will be finished in time for the show's 50th anniversary this fall

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Is Coming Back with a Whole New Cast

A marathon of cheesy movies will live stream on Thanksgiving

Fargo’s Second Season Embodies an American Madness

Get ready to flash back to the pre-Reagan era
Korla Pandit

Slide Show: Korla Pandit Documentary Screens Thursday at Cinefamily

The 1950s exotica king portrayed himself as a mysterious spiritualist who embraced the “universal language of music," but there was more.