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mahershala ali best actor in america

True Detective Is Mahershala Ali’s Masterpiece

With the HBO series—not to mention another Oscar win—Ali is quickly establishing himself as the best actor in America

The L.A. Guide to True Detective: What Lies Beneath

The penultimate episode of season two takes a tour of L.A.’s underground tunnels

Watch the Arresting Debut Trailer for Netflix’s Beasts of No Nation

The streaming service's first original film premieres October 16
True Detective

The L.A. Guide to True Detective: Here Today, Pawn Tomorrow

How a string of 2012 robberies may have played a roll in this week's episode

The L.A Guide to True Detective: Hangover from Hell

If only they’d gone to In-N-Out, all this bad stuff might not have happened

The L.A. Guide to True Detective: Thai Us Up, Thai Us Down

Last night’s episode situated Paul Woodrugh at one of Thai Town’s seediest spots. Welcome to Harvard House Motel
True Detective

True Detective: Just How Compromised Are You?

Frank Semyon is broke, Velcoro is suicidal, and Nic Pizzolatto has been reading up on his Raymond Chandler
True Detective

What’s Up With That Creepy Skeleton in True Detective? The Answer Is Deadly

From HBO’s crime series to real-life Mexican drug cartels, the fascination with “Our Lady of Death” is alive and well—including a namesake L.A. temple

True Detective: Even Astronauts Don’t Go to the Moon

The big surprise is that season two may actually be better than season one

What We Know About True Detective Season Two

A new trailer for the upcoming season was released yesterday