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Dodgers’ Trevor Bauer is Out for 2 Seasons on Sex Assault Allegations

The Dodgers pitcher won’t be allowed to play again until after his contract expires under a ruling from Major League Baseball

Dodgers Pitcher Trevor Bauer Sues Sex Assault Accuser

Bauer has filed a defamation suit against a woman who claims he sexually assaulted her twice at his home last year

Dodgers Pitcher Trevor Bauer Sues The Athletic Over Sex Assault Story

Still on administrative leave from last July, Bauer says The Athletic misreported the injuries of a woman who accused him of sexual assault

Prosecutors Will Not Charge Trevor Bauer in Alleged Sex Assault

The Dodgers pitcher will not face criminal charges after the woman who accused him of assault was denied a restraining order
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Woman Who Says Trevor Bauer Sexually Assaulted Her Is Denied Restraining Order

An L.A. County judge rules that the suspended Dodgers pitcher poses no threat to his accuser
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Dodgers Pitcher Trevor Bauer Accused of Brutal Assault in Restraining Order

The filing includes graphic details of what a woman says she endured during a sexual encounter with the baseball player
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New Dodger Trevor Bauer Is Known for Pitching Fits Along with Fastballs

The L.A. native joins the team as the biggest earner in baseball. He’s also renowned for Twitter feuds, drone mishaps, and on-field tantrums