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Remembering L.A.’s Other Trolleys: The Yellow Cars

Los Angeles remembers its Red Cars with an almost mythic reverence. Often overlooked are the true workhorses of the city’s bygone transit network: the Yellow Cars of the Los Angeles Railway.

Before Its Time: Burbank’s Experimental Monorail

Decades before Walt Disney moved his studio there and dreamed up Tomorrowland, Burbank glimpsed another man’s futuristic vision in 1910, when a colorful inventor named Joseph Fawkes built an experimental monorail, the Aerial Swallow.

L.A.’s Hidden Past: Where to Find Signs of Our First Lightrail

In 1950, 800 miles of track for Pacific Electric Railway’s Red Cars crisscrossed L.A. By 1960, there were 20 miles. The following year, on April 9, a teenage train enthusiast named Ralph Cantos was aboard the Red Car’s final run.