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Five of America’s Craziest Traffic Laws

Guess which state doesn’t allow gorillas in the backseat

Slow and Steady: Could Hypermiling Reduce Gridlock?

This “anti-traffic driving” method may lower your blood pressure and raise your mpg

Eyes on the Road: How the 405 Went From Solution to “Jamzilla”

Who knew that these lanes were once an escape from traffic?

The End is Nigh: 405 to Close for 80 Hours

Carmageddon is so 2012. Prepare yourself for Jamzilla, happening Presidents Day weekend

Of All The Cities In the Country With Terrible Traffic, L.A. is #1

You're not imagining things; traffic is getting worse

Car Chases Gone Wild: NBC’s Greatest Hits

Back in February 2003, Los Angeles magazine editor-in-chief Mary Melton called L.A. car chases a “nightly staple.” Ten years later, all that’s changed is the list of TV dramas being interrupted for breaking footage of drivers on the run

CityDig: How Three Men Tried To Solve L.A.’s Traffic Problem in 1924

This “Major Traffic Street Plan” map details a city on the move

LAPD Purchases New Sophisticated Heat Beam Which We Call a “Laser”

We suspect that Dr. Evil, were he real and a traffic officer, would be pleased.

CityDig: Should I Stop or Should I Go? Early Traffic Signals in Los Angeles

Until the city began experimenting with traffic-control devices, a driver at an intersection relied only on common sense and a set of complicated rules in deciding whether to proceed or wait politely