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405 Expansion

Long Beach Is Ready to Battle the O.C. Over a 405 Expansion

LBC is not having Orange County's plan to widen the freeway

Obama Is Here, Here’s How to Steer Clear

We got some ideas on how to kill the time

The Five Worst Westside Intersections for Traffic

A new report says congestion is static or dropping in several parts of town— tell that to drivers at these corners

Fed-up Westsiders, Valley-ites Trying to Bring Down Waze

Some locals, allegedly, have lowered themselves to reporting fake crashes
LA Commute

Your Commute May Be Hazardous to Your Health

On top of being just plain awful, that drive of yours gives a whole new meaning to the term “car sick”

Three Reasons Traffic Bites on Thursdays

Blame Shonda Rhimes and party animals, we say

Science Reveals That Courtesy Can Cause Traffic

Congestion: less about volume, more about human error