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LAPD Officer Accused of Circulating an Offensive George Floyd Meme Cleared by Panel

Floyd’s family and D.A. Gascón are among those who have responded to the allegation

The LAPD Officer Who Shot Daniel Hernandez Found to Have Broken Policy

The L.A. Police Commission has ruled that “cop influencer" Toni McBride fired unjustified shots in the incident
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DA Jackie Lacey Has Recused Herself from the Daniel Hernandez Shooting Case

Lacey's office won't decide whether charges are filed against LAPD officer Toni McBride, daughter of a powerful police union figure

The LAPD Officer Who Shot Daniel Hernandez Is a Firearms Influencer—and Daughter of a Powerful Police Union Figure

Officer Toni McBride's social presence and familial ties have riled protesters and even put a wrinkle in the race for Los Angeles DA