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Tom Cruise Goes Nuclear on ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ Crew Over COVID Protocols

"We are creating thousands of jobs, you motherfuckers," the star yelled after seeing two people on set standing too closely
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A Former Scientologist Says the Cruise Kids Were Trained to Hate Nicole Kidman

Sam Domingo lays out some bombshell claims in a new interview
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Scientology Is Looking Abroad for New Stars and Vulnerable Recruits

Besides courting foreign celebs, the church has been showing up in the wake of natural disaster and other tragedies
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Tom Cruise and Jimmy Fallon Revisit TopGun in Duet

Cruise's lip-sync skills are on point

Going Clear Isn’t the Controversial Scientology Documentary People Were Anticipating. It’s Better

Filmmaker Alex Gibney presents a sobering portrait of a Church under suspicion

Reel Words: The Destruction of Tom Cruise, Batman vs. Godzilla, a Digital Paul Walker, and More

Ever seen the movie where Adam West’s Batman nearly fought Godzilla? Of course you haven't. It was never made. But the week’s best writing about movies includes a story about the film

The Not So Secret Hand And Footprint Ceremony Of Ben Stiller

The actor’s family joins in the promo along with pals Tom Cruise and Adam Sandler

2013: The Summer Of Robot Punching Movies

The World's End is great, but relax on all this mechanical carnage.

Scientology Won’t Set Me Free

Archived: Decades after investigating the Church of Scientology, a journalist investigates what happened to him

Preview: The Tip of the Spear

Decades after investigating the Church of Scientology, journalist Joel Sappell investigates what happened to him.