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Fox Corp. Nabs Gossip Machine TMZ for an Estimated $50 Million

The Murdoch-owned media giant is betting big on celeb gossip
tmz discrimination

A Former TMZ Employee Complains About the Gossip Outlet’s ‘100 Percent Bro Fest’ Culture

The ex-associate producer says she was fired for reporting discriminatory behavior. TMZ and TooFab.com say she's out for bucks
viral video motel flood

A Sopping-Wet Man’s Stunt at a Flooded L.A.-Area Motel Goes Viral

As the Instagrammer who captured the video put it, "Ppl out here tripping during the quarantine”
pump ferrari lisa vanderpump

Someone Drove a Ferrari Into One of Lisa Vanderpump’s Restaurants

While you were watching the Golden Globes ...

Becoming Zoey Tur

As the most famous helicopter news pilot in American history, Bob Tur prided himself on being the ultimate alpha male. Except all along, he knew he wasn’t

Ask Chris: What Does TMZ Stand For?

Is there more to the acronym than meets the eye?