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Little Sister

Little Sister Is Serving Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in Downtown

The Manhattan Beach restaurant is no longer an only child
L.A. Food & Wine

Pick Six: The Best Bites at L.A. Food & Wine

Downtown got even hotter this year with sizzling newcomers like the revamped Clifton's

There’s More to Life Than a Juicy Steak, Even at a Steakhouse

Chef John Shaw serves a delectable menu of dishes that go beyond the grill at Steak & Whisky

3 Stunning Lobster Dishes

L.A. chefs hightlight the glamorous crustacean in inventive ways

Eat Your Vegetables at Steak & Whisky

OK, the vegetables are in a lamb pot pie and in a salad crowned by pork fat, but that still counts

Abigaile Turns into Brewtopia on Sunday

$30 gets you 10 4-ounce pours and unlimited food at the Hermosa Beach restaurant and brewery

Shot Caller: Tin Vuong Opens Hermosa Beach’s Steak & Whisky Tonight

The chef weaves Asian elements into steakhouse classics and keeps things flowing with a big Japanese liquor selection

Tin Vuong Gets Ready for Three Meals a Day at Downtown’s Little Sister

Expect salt-and-pepper lobster at dinner and quick pan-Asian dishes for breakfast and lunch

Pass it On: A.O.C. is Now Plating Family Style

Grand portions are the new way to share