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The 5 Literal Best Things To Do On the East Side This Weekend

How to not waste your three-daycation

Time Frame: Hollywood’s Capitol Records Building 59 Years Ago and Now

Actress Joan Broadshaw poses with her toy poodle in front of the then-newly completed landmark

Time Frame: Malibu’s Paradise Cove 54 Years Ago and Today

Remember the Pendletones? Neither do most Beach Boys fans. That was the group’s name early on—a nod to the flannel shirts the heart-throbs were fond of wearing, as they did at this session with photographer Ken Veeder

Time Frame: Warner Grand Theatre 81 Years Ago and Now

The movie house was the first in the South Bay designed to accommodate the talkies
The Beverly Hilton

Time Frame: The Beverly Hilton 58 Years Ago and Now

The hotel's famous catering manager, Fred Hayman, was unimpressed with Conrad Hilton’s modernist venture when he came to work at the Hilton in 1954

Time Frame: Hollywood Plaza 46 Years Ago and Today

TV host Joey Bishop was photographed strolling down Vine Street with his sidekick, Regis Philbin, in 1969

Time Frame: The Factory Nightclub 45 Years Ago and Today

In 1970, Monkees singer Davy Jones used it as the setting for a marketplace he founded for local craftsmen
Hall of Justice

Time Frame: The Hall of Justice 66 Years Ago and Today

Notorious criminals—among them Bugsy Siegel, Sirhan Sirhan, and Charles Manson—passed through the downtown building's corridors

Time Frame: the Queen Mary 66 Years Ago and Now

Back when the ship roamed the seas, teenagers worked as the bellhops, including this uniformed group setting sail for three months in 1949
The Egyptian Theater

Time Frame: The Egyptian Theater 91 Years Ago and Now

In the 1920s, the Egyptian came up with a number of preshow rituals to entertain its guests