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Mom Sues TikTok After 10-Year-Old Girl’s ‘Blackout Challenge’ Death

A mother filed a wrongful death suit against TikTok after her 10-year-old daughter died from attempting the Blackout Challenge
Eleni Sustainable Fashion and Thrifting

How One TikToker Made a Career Out of Thrifted Clothing

“The fashion industry needs to move in a more sustainable direction or everything’s just gonna fucking explode,” Macy Eleni tells LA Mag

Uber Driver Gets Cash and Karma Saving TikToker Robbed at Coachella

Becca Moore shared with 800,000 followers the heartwarming story of the Uber driver who rescued her after she was robbed at the music festival

A V-Day Catch-Up With TikTok’s ‘Love Is Love’ Couple Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo

The two social media stars discuss Valentine’s Day plans, their new Calabasas home and what they would do if TikTok disappeared tomorrow
tiktok real estate

Zillionaires (and the Rest of Us) are Lusting After Hot L.A. Properties on TikTok

L.A. real estate agents are turning to house porn to market high-end properties on the ubiquitous app
corona movie theater shooting

TikTok Star Anthony Barajas Dies in the Wake of Movie Theater Shooting

The local creator and his friend, Rylee Goodrich, were shot on July 26 in what police believe was a random attack
brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift Is Getting a Big Boost from Social Media

Patients are heading to plastic surgeons in search of Instagram-worthy posteriors. Doctors can't work miracles, but they can strategically move some fat around
logan paul boxing

Are Influencer Exhibition Fights the Future of Boxing?

As this weekend’s Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms prepares to pit YouTubers against TikTokers for a massive audience, not everyone’s pumped about the new gen of pugilist
menendez brothers

A Faction on TikTok Has Taken an Unlikely Interest in the Menendez Brothers

The latest social-media revisionist campaign casts the notorious murderers as wrongly maligned victims of extremely bad parenting
girl boss

Is Being a ‘Girl Boss’ a Bad Thing? It’s Complicated

On TikTok and Instagram, a term that used to embody Millennial female empowerment has become a way to mock capitalism, superficial activism, and more