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Hollywood Hills ‘Hype House’ Mansion Hits the Market for $50,000 a Month

The 16,000 square-foot property is as extravagant as the TikTok influencers who were previously housed there

How TikTok Addiction Overtook a Successful Doctor’s Life

The euphoric high from having one's content go viral releases a powerful hit of dopamine. Until a family intervention, Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler was powerless to stop chasing it on TikTok

Research Indicates TikTok Searches Infested with ‘Toxic Misinformation’

The tween dance platform apparently also offers wildly inaccurate info on everything from COVID to the 2020 election to Ukraine

TikTok Challenge Leads to Kia and Hyundai Theft Explosion in L.A.

The “Kia Boyz" stunt is hard to ignore, as the victims are innocent car owners and not the idiot performers, but it's not all TikTok's fault

Andrew Tate, Influencer of Young Males, Banned From Insta and Facebook

Critics—claiming Tate promotes misogyny, homophobia and violence to impressionable youngsters—are pushing TikTok to remove him next

TikTok and Insta Users Demand De-Platforming for Dangerous Influencer

Andrew Tate is accused of advocating misogyny, homophobia, and violence to an audience of young boys across social media

Dylan Mulvaney On Transitioning and Becoming a TikTok ‘Trailblazer’

“I put so much of my own identity away just so that I could have opportunities in my industry,” Mulvaney told LAMag

From TikTok to the Stage: How Paige Gallagher Is Writing Her Name in the Comedy Books

"Well, with stand up it's a little bit scarier because it's me. You know, it's things that I've gone through," comedienne tells LAMag

Social Media’s Dark Reign Over CA Kids’ Mental Health May Be Ending

A bill looking to address this all-to-common and deadly serious phenomenon found support as it passed a key hurdle in the California Assembly

Mom Sues TikTok After 10-Year-Old Girl’s ‘Blackout Challenge’ Death

A mother filed a wrongful death suit against TikTok after her 10-year-old daughter died from attempting the Blackout Challenge