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Car Robbers Snatch Lana Del Rey’s Camera, Book Manuscript and Music

The Grammy nominee revealed she had several belongings stolen when thieves broke into her car on Melrose Ave this year

A California Pistachio Heist Went Viral—but Nut Crimes Aren’t Out of the Ordinary

Amid a historic drought, pricey, hard-to-track crops are becoming hot commodities
canine crime dognappings los angeles

L.A.’s Canine Crime Wave Has Angelenos Keeping Their Pets on a Tight Leash

Lady Gaga’s french bulldogs aren’t the only pups in peril. Inside a surge of daring dognappings in the area

Culture Shot: Lady Gaga an Art Thief?

French performance artist Orlan is suing Lady Gaga claiming that the opening scene in the "Born This Way" music video plagiarizes one of her sculptures.