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Last Chance: Catch These Exhibitions & Shows Before They’re Gone

If you're like us, you hear about an event, make a mental note to check it out, then procrastinate and/or completely forget about it until the day before it closes.

Acclaimed, Controversial “Scottsboro Boys” Musical Comes to L.A.

Using minstrels to tell the true story of nine black men falsely accused of rape, the bawdy satire marks the final act in a career that courted controversy.

East West Players Stages “Chess”: Q&A with Tim Dang

The pioneering color-blind theater company mounts the brilliant but difficult musical, Chess.

The Best Clown In All Of Mexico To Reinvent L.A. Theater

Huraclown headlines season of tragedies at 24th Street Theatre

Electric Dusk Drive-In Looking for a New Rooftop

In the era of souped-up home entertainment systems and multi-screen megaplexes it's nice to know you can still find a drive-in theater in the heart of downtown Los Angeles – at least until April 6.

California Road Trip Pics: Oxnard

John Eng and Adriene Biondo have been documenting their road trips into obscure corners of California for years. Here are some of their dispatches sent in from the road:

How to Break a B—- and Other Lessons in Female Friendship

Tina Fey might have the market cornered on teenaged bitchery, but Alice Johnson Boher’s new show proves she has every other age range covered.

Julian Sands and Harold Pinter: The Pregnant Pause Gets Extended

In 2005, Harold Pinter called Julian Sands to ask him a favor. What followed was a friendship and twilight apprenticeship with one of the world’s greatest playwrights.

That Musical About Torture Actually Kinda Rocked

If you want fame and fortune these days, write a musical. Seriously. But forget milquetoast Rodgers and Hammerstein fare. At the box office, and among the LA Drama Critics Circle, who announced their nominations earlier today, the shows leading the pack are edgy, snarky, or just downright weird.

And Now Jonathan Gold Is Acting

The Pulitzer Prize winning food critic will hit the Kirk Douglas Theater stage in "A Christmas Carol: Twist Your Dickens!"