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Partyscope: Dye Hard

Hollywood’s most famous blonds used to be Harlow and Monroe. Now the men lighten up

Gia Coppola Celebrates the Launch of Her New Wine Collection

The terrace at the Sunset Tower was a perfect place to debut Coppola’s new light wines

Nordstrom and Poketo Throw a Bash at The Line Hotel

Unsurprisingly, it was exceptionally creative

Partyscope: Behind the Mask

We all think we know celebrities. But which ones are really like the people they play? An acting scale...

Michelle Obama Believes In You and Failure Is an Option

The First Lady gave a passionate keynote address at the Grammy Museum’s inaugural Jane Ortner Education award luncheon before Janelle Monae electrified the room

A Fine Idea: Inviting the Entire Theater to the After-Party for Buyer & Cellar at The Taper

The opening night of Buyer & Cellar at the Mark Taper Forum was a giggle that kept on giggling

Jon Voight Wasn’t Always a Winner

We had some fun chatting with the Emmy nominee at the Ray Donovan season two premier in Malibu last night

Tommmmmmyyyy! Watching “Hollywood Shuffle” With Robert Townsend

Los Angeles magazine and ArcLight Cinemas kicked off the Flashback to the ‘80s film series with a packed house and some Winky Dinky Dogs

Cheech Marin: The Best Art Curator in The City

Marin spoke to LAmag before hitting the stage to talk about his passion for Chicano art at Malibu Public Library’s Speaker Series