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farmers market behind the scenes

A Peek Inside the Hidden Workshop that Keeps the Original Farmers Market Running

The duo who oversee the Fairfax landmark gives us a tour
original farmers market history 85 years

5 Original Farmers Market Tenants That Have Stood the Test of Time

From Bennett's Ice Cream to Magee's Kitchen, these institutions are going strong at 3rd and Fairfax

20 Cent Burgers, 25 Cent Pancakes, 5 Cent Coffee Tomorrow at Du-Par’s

Du-Par's at The Original Farmers Market rolls back prices to 1938!

Bucket List Cabaret, or How to Do Your Seventies

Having held down a regular gig at Thursday Night Jazz, Sydney Weisman wanted to do something special for her 70th birthday, "to show off a little." But there's an altruistic bent to Saturday's celebration.

Morning at the Farmers Market

As a massive shopping mall rises around them, Farmers Market habitues like Paul Mazursky, Selma the Mayor, Dr. Helen, and The Loudmouth hold court