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A New Jim Henson Exhibit Has More Than Muppets

From Sesame Street to Labyrinth, Imagination Unlimited reveals what the legendary puppeteer stood for

What Frank Oz Learned From Jim Henson: Just Shut the F*ck Up

The writer, director, and voice of Yoda and Miss Piggy reflects on life as a Muppeteer in a new doc

My LA to Z: Miss Piggy

The most glam member of the Muppets on In-N-Out, Yayoi Kusama, and her favorite places to see and be seen (but mostly be seen)
What to Watch On TV

Here’s What to Watch on TV This Fall if Your Favorite Shows Are Over

No more Sons of Anarchy? No problem. That indent in your couch cushions is about to get a few inches deeper

Here’s the Pitch Presentation That Brought The Muppets Back to Life

ABC has picked up a brand new documentary-style series featuring the stars of Jim Henson Co.

Check Out This Green Glowing Muppet Piano

This Kermit-colored piano is playing the hits of the Muppets in the basement gallery of the El Capitan Theatre