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Those Amazing Photos of People Posing as Works of Art Are Becoming a Book

The Getty Challenge, which went viral early in the pandemic, will now help raise money for artists impacted by COVID-19

The Essential Spots for Afternoon Tea in L.A.

Crustless sandwiches are necessary for living a joyful life

14 Stellar Ways To Spend Your Weekend, 10/6

Get into the swing of Oktoberfest, catch a Monty Python screening at the Getty Villa, and more
Medea in East L.A.

The Getty Villa Presents Medea in East L.A.

The Fleischman Theater’s upcoming production Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles reimagines Euripides play as an L.A. story
The Gambler

Scene It Before: Villa de Leon from The Gambler

One of L.A.’s most misidentified buildings makes an appearance in the 2014 flick, which comes to DVD this week

My LA to Z: Josh Gad

The star of FX's The Comedians talks cheat day indulgences, earning street cred with his kids, and his go-to karaoke ballad
Getty Villa

How to Get Into L.A. Museums For Free

The best things in life are free (at least on a certain Tuesday of each month)

Drought Watch: Save Water, Save Money

Five hundred bucks (in fines) says Governor Jerry Brown can get you to turn off your sprinklers

Must Do: The Getty Villa

This reproduction of an ancient Roman country estate makes a drive to Pacific Palisades seem like a day trip to Italy