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Ezra Miller’s Cult Leader Trip is Nothing New to Old Friends

The performer, who pals say only insists on they/them pronouns in public, has a long, troubled history of being Ezra
ezra miller on red carpet

‘The Flash’ Ezra Miller Says Sorry for Scandal, Arrest Spree—Seeks Help

The studio’s iffy on Miller, but they say they’re getting mental health treatment, and that they’re sorry about all that trouble with the law

‘Batgirl’ Killer Warner Bros. Ponders: What About Ezra Miller and Flash?

Warner boss David Zaslav said he totally believes in the Ezra Miller flick, but WB is reportedly considering other outcomes just in case
ezra miller on red carpet

Kevin Smith Says Keeping Ezra Miller and Not ‘Batgirl’ is a ‘Big Problem’

Despite accusations of grooming, physical assault and disorderly conduct, Ezra Miller is still starring as The Flash while “Batgirl" is canned
ezra miller on red carpet

Could Ezra Miller’s Career Be Gone in A Flash?

"The Flash" star has been showing signs of burnout through several recent controversies

PaleyFest 2015

The annual television love-athon brings to­gether the casts of hit shows and the fans who adore them at postscreening conversations. Among the programs on this year’s roster are Scandal,...

My LA to Z: Rick Cosnett

When he's not playing detective Eddie Thawne on CW’s The Flash, the Zimbabwe-born actor enjoys leisurely lunches and old-money lounges

The Top 10 Announcements from Comic-Con 2014

From a major revelation by Quentin Tarantino to a surprise visit by Matthew McConaughey, we break down the most crucial moments at this year's Con

Playing Dress-Up: 10 Comic-Con Costumes for the Non-Cosplayer

Because seeing costumed fans in their caped, masked, feathered, and winged Lycra finery is the best part