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9 Great Ways to Spend Your Weekend in L.A.

Femme fatales, dreamy Scottish pop, Earth Day, and Japanese psychedelia

9 Excellent Events in L.A. This Weekend

Dustbowl-inspired tunes, Japanese design, movie classics, and a comedy extravaganza

L.A.’s April Residencies: Odessa, Tennis System and the Return of Dorothy

Like Coachella, but no sandstorms … and $350 or so cheaper

10 Ways to Have a Blast in L.A. This Weekend

Cult movies, psychedelic rock, St. Patrick’s Day improv, and Dead Sea Scrolls

L.A.’s March Residencies: Conway, Dugas, and Salt Petal

Everyone's out of town for SXSW, but standouts mark the calendar

10 Ways to Have a Great Weekend in L.A.

A rock n’ roll flea market, an arctic ice monster, a psychedelic opera, and a live Harry Potter supercut

L.A.’s February Music Residencies: Boots Electric, Scavenger Hunt, and More

From rocker side-projects to dance music experiments

Tuesday Night Tunes: You Can’t Stop Ivory DeVille

Not even getting robbed will stop L.A. roadhouse rockers Ivory DeVille playing their second night of a January residency with Jackson Tanner at the Echo tonight. Here's everything you need to know before the show

L.A.’s January Music Residencies: Leighton Meester, Sego and More

Hotel Café leads a full slate of shows to kick off 2015

Monday Night Tunes: Holychild

L.A.-based “brat pop” duo Holychild begins a month-long residency at the Echo tonight. Here are five reasons to check them out