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Rachel Bloom Is Going to Alienate New Yorkers If She Feels Like It

The creator and star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on her crazy-specific L.A. jokes

The Guy Who Created Dothraki Talks About the Language He’d Invent for L.A.

In his new book, conlanger David J. Peterson explains how he builds native tongues from scratch

Character Study: Jane the Virgin

A wardrobe choice that’s flirty but chaste—and totally appealing

My LA to Z: Rick Cosnett

When he's not playing detective Eddie Thawne on CW’s The Flash, the Zimbabwe-born actor enjoys leisurely lunches and old-money lounges

My LA To Z: Charles Michael Davis

The newest of the CW's toothsome vampires (he plays Marcel on The Originals) tells us where to get an education in jazz, why he loves going to sleep, and the real reason he prefers yoga to CrossFit