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The 5 Worst L.A. Clichés in The Bling Ring That We Wish Weren’t True

While it’s based on a true story, Angelenos might find Coppola’s depiction of a fame-whoring, status-grubbing, Porsche-zooming L.A. to be over the top. Well, for the most part.

‘The Bling Ring’ Book: a Primer on Fame and a Warning about its Perils

A potent mix of greed, ambition, and self-delusion, the real-life escapades of the "Bling Ring" have been chronicled in a non-fiction book that comes out today.

Been Caught Stealing: “Bling Ring” Trailer

Sofia Coppola's got a new a movie, and (unsurprisingly) it's all about the children of privilege -- or at least the kids who steal from them.