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A New Study Suggests the ‘Big One’ Might Be Less Destructive in L.A. Than We Thought

If geologist Kimerly Blisniuk's research is correct, some of the death and injury we've been bracing for in the L.A. Basin might be mitigated
earthquake pandemic

A 3.7 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles an Already Jittery L.A.

Because we didn’t have enough to worry about

July 4 Earthquake Shakes L.A.

”That was the longest earthquake I’ve ever experienced”
tiny earthquakes the big one earthquake los angeles

Millions of Tiny Earthquakes Happen Without You Even Noticing

New science finds 495 earthquakes shake SoCal every day–and they might be the key to predicting the Big One

Can a New App Save Lives When the Big One Hits?

It may only give a few seconds’ notice–but we'll take that over the alternative

How to Get Your Car Earthquake Ready

Being in a hunk of moving metal doesn't mean you're safe

Here’s the Deal with Those Weird Warning Signs Showing Up All Over the City

Who is Adam, why is he angry, and what does that have to do with lightning?

Los Angeles’ Earthquake Response Plan Gets a Shakedown

The mayor's new proposal (otherwise known as Resilience by Design) could minimize destruction in the wake of the Big One
earthquake preparedness

Earthquake Prep 101: The Time To Get Ready For the Big One Is Now

How to prepare for a catastrophic earthquake in California