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Invasion of the Valley Girl

What started as a grating geographic anomaly has crept into the mainstream

1984 Didn’t End the World After All

Artist Ed Ruscha on the apocalypse that wasn’t

Underground with Punk Icon Penelope Spheeris

The director of the 1981 cult documentary The Decline of Western Civilization remembers making noise

Your Table is Right This Way

For the assistant maître d’ at Spago, life was a game of thrones

Flashback Friday: Four Totally ‘80s Autos

The Gentleman Journalist reflects on the models that turned him into a car lover

Scene It Before: “The License to Drive” DMV

Corey Haim took–and failed–his driving test at a local DMV office in the 1988 classic

The Ultimate ’80s Challenge

Two '80s L.A. obsessives—Vintage Los Angeles founder Alison Martino and Los Angeles magazine editor-in-chief Mary Melton—square off

Flashback Friday: Who Says You Can’t Please a Woman?

Ask a Volvo ad from April 1980

Flashback Friday: The Ultimate ‘80s Car

Even Mrs. Hart wanted the Mercedes Benz SL that Richard Gere drove in American Gigolo