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The Mystique of Melrose Avenue

How one mid-city street became the gritty pinnacle of West Coast cool

14 Things That Blew in the ’80s

It wasn’t just the coke

Stadium City

Smaller cities might have struggled to accommodate the 23 sports of the 1984 Summer Olympics, but not Los Angeles

Her Name was Rio

That face! Those eyes! That album cover! Patrick Nagel—you know you had one

The Brand of Make-Believe

How the L.A. look was born

Back to “Blade Runner” With Syd Mead

The visual artist on what the film got right—and wrong—about L.A.

Good-Bye Normal Jeans

What came between you and your Calvins? L.A.'s Guess jeans

This Begat That

Electronic music pioneer Giorgio Moroder recorded “Reach Out” as the theme song for the 1984 Summer Olympic Games. His synthesizer style so informed Daft Punk’s sound that the French...

The Era’s Most Prized Possessions

Long hems and hot wheels

Flashback Fashion

Grab some popcorn and see which classic flicks showed up in recent designer collections