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music venues with food

L.A. Music Venues Where You Can Actually Get Something Decent to Eat

Dinner and a show might sound oldfangled, but it beats having hunger pangs during a band's encore

White Denim

The Austin, Texas quartet’s sixth release, Stiff, out this month, is a return to their frenetic rock band roots

Ra Ra Riot

Their fourth full-length album, Need Your Light, with the fluid and catchy single “Water,” just came out last month

Gary Numan

With his band, Tubeway Army, Numan pioneered electronic music in the ’70s, and his solo career fused punk swagger with a synth twist. Over three nights he reprises his...


Wielding his trusty keytar, Damon Riddick is a prime purveyor of funk music, carrying the torch for old-school West Coast players whose sounds evolved into G-funk hip-hop. Guest artists on...