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What A Concept: Cars Made of Hemp, Powered by Air

Though not commercially available, these designs are redefining eco-friendly driving

Should Los Angeles Care About Google’s Self-Driving Car?

No steering wheel, no brakes, a top speed of 25mph—think of this prototype as the most technologically advanced Disneyland ride ever

We Were Promised Jetpacks, But We’ll Take Hoverboards

The dream of a floating skateboard may finally be a reality

We Sent a Writer to Tweet an Opera

The view from the "tweet seats" of LA Opera's experimental production of "The Magic Flute" looks pretty good.

A Wearable Tech Wish List

Inspired by Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts' high-profile move to Apple

7 Things You Wanted to Know About Thomas Pynchon’s New Novel but Were Afraid to Ask

Welcome to the spring of 2001 and the waning days of unbridled dotcom imperialism, the landscape for Thomas Pynchon's new novel, "Bleeding Edge."

An L.A. Spin on Startup Style

What the people who just might end up driving us into the future look like right now

Behind the Hedges

Angelenos value their privacy. So why do some of the more vulnerable souls jeopardize it?

Digital Getdown: Silicon Beach Fest Invades Santa Monica

Silicon Beach Fest, L.A.’s first and largest startup entertainment festival, turned Santa Monica into a techie mecca for most of last week.