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cannabis joint smoking clearing marijuana conviction

Clearing an Old Marijuana Conviction Record Just Got a Lot Easier

A new state law–and some innovative tech–are coming together to help Californians clear their names

Your Once-a-Year Chance to Go Inside NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab Is Here

It’s one of the hottest tickets in the universe

Soylent Is the Latest Arrival in the Ever-Expanding Arts District

The meal-in-a-bottle brand is looking past the techie crowd

Inside the Los Angeles Clinic That Uses Ketamine to Treat Depression

Depression is all too common, especially among people in the tech sector. That’s why denizens of Silicon Beach have been flocking to a local clinic that offers a radical alternative when standard treatments fall short

L.A. Is on Alexa, and Suddenly It Feels Like the City Has Entered the 21st Century

Our local government just became one of the first in the country to utilize Amazon’s digital assistant
Cell Phone

L.A.’s Newest Streetlight Boosts Your Cell Phone Service

The energy efficient SmartPoles won't cost taxpayers a dime

The City of L.A. Has Created a Digital Treasure Trove for Urbanists

Now you can find out who built your house without spending a day downtown

5 Tips from Peter Thiel on Starting a Startup

The entrepreneur extraordinaire shares his tips on how to become the next Steve Jobs

Grub Delivery: Postmates vs. Caviar

Breaking down the two newest reasons to never leave home

4 Apps To Improve Your Commute

Roadside assistance at your fingertips