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Will Gov. Newsom Fumble That Sweet, Sweet $97.5B Budget Surplus?

Thanks to the magic of capital gains taxes, California's flush with cash. But it's unclear if Newsom will learn from the mistakes of the past
steven seagal

Steven Seagal and Other Celebs Land on California’s List of Delinquent Taxpayers

The 'Under Siege' actor is joined by Courtney Love, Michael Madsen, and Terrence Howard
donald trump tax returns

Tax Specialist Questions Whether Trump’s $70k Haircare Is Actually Tax Deductible

If you were thinking about writing off your next haircut, you might want to think twice

Some California Lawmakers Say a Millionaire Tax Could Help Pay for Pandemic Relief

Two L.A. assemblymembers are among those calling for a modest increase to the tax rate for high earners
donald trump tax returns

Trump’s Refusal to Release His Taxes Makes Him Seem Shadier than Nixon

While the president continues his campaign of obfuscation, many Dems are doing the right thing

The GOP Tax Plan Could Make It Even Harder to Afford a Home in L.A.

Lowering the cap on a home-buyer-friendly credit hits hard in pricey markets like ours
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New Website Answers Age-Old Question: Is Trump at Mar-A-Lago?

Answer: If it’s the weekend, then probably