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What to Wear There: Sunday Stroll

A day spent around West Hollywood calls for lived-in jeans and brand new boots

The Art of Desire

Dian Hanson, the “sexy book editor” (yes, that’s her actual job title) at high-end book publishing house Taschen, reveals what’s really sexy—and why it might surprise you

Ten Weird And Wonderful L.A. Things To Do This Weekend

Where else can you go on a free Jurassic Park-style island expedition, hang out with those dangerous Cacophony clowns, and get 75% off your art porn?

Mark Ryden: Midnight in the Garden of Kitsch

To those unfamiliar with Mark Ryden — an artist with the painstaking eye of an Old Master and a baroque passion for detail — the motifs of his work read like a checklist of oddities.

Between the Covers with Publisher Benedikt Taschen

Taschen has, at 40, won a reputation two parts risqué and one part Rizzoli