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The ‘Target Husk’ in Hollywood Opens at Last, 12 Years After Work Began

A history of the legal fights and political maneuvers behind the longest-awaited Target on earth (probably)

Violence Broke Out at a Local Target When Men Entered Without Masks

The suspects allegedly started a brawl when security asked them to wear masks inside the store
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How a Fair Workweek Could Change the Lives of L.A.’s Retail Workers

A Target employee says erratic hours, unpredictable paychecks, and tenuous healthcare coverage make getting by in L.A. a pain

The Hollywood Target Is Finally Being Finished—and It’s Good News for Pedestrians

In a city dotted with construction projects, people traveling on foot often get short shrift

A Massive (and Free) Music Festival Is Coming to the Rose Bowl Next Weekend

Target is bringing big names to Pasadena for a surprise fest to celebrate a designer collab

Where to Find the Chicest Rain Gear in Los Angeles

Do you even own an umbrella?

Target Overhauled 25 California Stores, and This Is What it Looks Like

Shopping at the retail giant just got a lot more fun for us

The Hollywood Target Eyesore Has Its Own Hilarious Facebook Page

First came the lawsuits, then the work-stoppage and the social media page. Now, maybe a resolution is in store

What to Wear There: Sunday Stroll

A day spent around West Hollywood calls for lived-in jeans and brand new boots