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These Tamales Are Like Warm Hugs, in Food Form

Four places to cop the mounds of masa we crave most

Essential T: Belizean Tamales at Ella’s Belizean

A boiled tamale worth driving for.

Essential T: Tamales de Arroz in MacArthur Park

Brave the park's sizzling street-cart scene for Guatamalan-style rice tamales.

Stop Asking Me: Vegetarian & Vegan Tamales

This column is where Dine Editor Lesley Bargar Suter usually shares her restaurant recommendations that she gives to inquiring friends and/or coworkers. But today, I’m hijacking it, and making...

Essential T: Tamales for the Holidays

Tamales: the best little Latin American presents to unwrap on Christmas. Here's where to order some of our favorites for your holiday table.

Essential T: Pork Tamales at El Sinaloense in Huntington Park

El Sinaloense is the kind of Mexican restaurant that separates Los Angeles from other major U.S. metropolitan areas with sizeable Mexican-American populations.

Corn Fed

Although L.A. didn’t invent it, the city wholeheartedly embraced programmatic architecture in the late 1920s...