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Tail o’ the Pup Has New Owners and Is Reopening in L.A.

The 1933 Group acquired the iconic L.A. hot dog stand—and now all it needs is a location
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Taking a Deep Dive Into the History of L.A.’s Craziest Architecture

”California Crazy” explains how we got our wild road-side style

It’s The End of the Line for Tail o’ the Pup

The iconic hot dog stand will soon be on exhibit in the Valley

Historic Tail o’ The Pup Hot Dog Stand Plans to Reopen

The hot dog-shaped L.A. icon hopes to hit the streets again soon

Vintage Los Angeles: The Moose is Loose!

Mysteriously missing for months, the Rocky and Bullwinkle statue that once stood on Sunset Blvd. has been spotted at last

Video Village With Ask Chris: Tail o’ The Pup Pops Up On TV

The iconic hot dog stand has been in hiding for eight years. Who will bring it back?

Jodie Foster

I don’t consider Los Angeles a city. I consider it a series of small towns that come together. You have all the things you need from a big city....