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A Few Words of Taco Advice for Hugh Jackman

The X-Men star excites the Interwebs after asking for taco tips for his recent trip to D.F.

Behind the Scenes: An L.A. Taco Crawl and Finding Bull Testicle Ceviche for Andrew Zimmern

Making it happen for some of the television’s biggest food programs

Essential T: Real Deal Carne Asada Chorreadas at La Carreta

Traditional Mazatlan, Sinaloa-style carne asada Arrives—and it's going to change everything
Fish Tacos

Essential T: Ricky’s Fish Tacos Gets a New Look That’s 100% L.A.

A fresh paint job and an insider taco tip are more than reason enough to revisit Ricky’s Fish Tacos

Essential T: Flautas at Las Margaritas

Cream-covered deep-fried tacos from the heart of San Juan de Los Lagos

Essential T: Vampiros at Adobo Grill

L.A.’s Mexican food game is so strong that even the ‘burbs have great tacos
Tacos in LA

Tacopedia: A Complete Taco Encyclopedia of L.A.

45 reasons why L.A. is the taco capital of America

Wes Avila: Why I Make Tacos

The influential Guerilla Tacos chef, tells how he went from fine dining cook to renegade taco pioneer, forging a new path for Mexican American cuisine

150 Words from Roy Choi on the Taco

The Kogi founder talks about the dish that started it all
Hard Shell Taco

In Defense of the Hard Shell Taco

An ode to delicious inauthenticity