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Essential T: North African Tacos at Revolucionario L.A. Food

Chef Farid Zadi blends a taste of two worlds at his new chef-driven taco concept

Essential T: Charcoal-Grilled Octopus Taco at Petty Cash Taqueria

Celebrate the first anniversary of Petty Cash with an octopus taco

Essential T: Carne Asada Tostadas at Taco Los Poblanos

Los Angeles has its first bonafide Tijuana taco truck in the recently opened Tacos Los Poblanos, which proudly offers tacos al estilo Tijuana, or Tijuana-style

Asian Persuasion: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo the Asian Taco Way

If you're so inclined, there are no shortage of places to indulge in margaritas and tacos tonight. But in a city where blending flavors is the name of the game--this is where the O.G. Kogi taco was created, after all--celebrating with tacos inspired by Asian flavors makes just as much tasty sense.

The Essential T: Tijuana-Style Carne Asada and a Wheel Alignment on the Side

Get a taste of this no-name stand before it's gone!

Meet Argentine TV Chef Maru Botana, the Taco Terrorist

All about an international out-cry against an Argentine chef's blasphemous tacos.

Essential T: Pay More for Your Tacos

Check out Taco Maria in the O.C.

Event Alert: Taco Tasting by Chef Tim Hollingsworth

The Shade Hotel hosts the chef on September 15.

L.A. Food Events Worth Nibbling On: May 9 Edition

A guide to the upcoming week's most delicious happenings.

Forget March Madness—Taco Madness is Back!

L.A.’s best taco slingers battle it out for the annual online tournament.