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Tacos in LA

Tacopedia: A Complete Taco Encyclopedia of L.A.

45 reasons why L.A. is the taco capital of America

Wes Avila: Why I Make Tacos

The influential Guerilla Tacos chef, tells how he went from fine dining cook to renegade taco pioneer, forging a new path for Mexican American cuisine

Pimp Your Taco Night

Upgrade your personal fiesta by leaving the tricky stuff to the pros. These fixings Put the fab in prefab

150 Words from Roy Choi on the Taco

The Kogi founder talks about the dish that started it all

How Not to Be a Taco Tool

A primer on street-stand etiquette
Hard Shell Taco

In Defense of the Hard Shell Taco

An ode to delicious inauthenticity
Salsa Sinaloa

The Local Hot Sauce That’s Better than Tapatio—and Cholula

Hold on to your sombreros, Salsa Sinaloa is coming
Taco Stand

How to Tell if That Taco Stand Is the Real Deal

L.A.’s ultimate taco trailblazer shares his criteria for quality munching
Breakfast Burrito

Why Breakfast Tacos Are Better than Breakfast Burritos

The Texas specialty is the best way to wake up

5 Terrific Taco Tuesdays

Because alliteration is reason enough for a deal