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Every Item on Taco Bell’s Menu, Ranked

There are currently 77 unique foods on the permanent menu. This is the correct ranking of them.

Instagram Changed Its Logo and Everything Is Going to Be OK

Just because the rest of the internet is losing their minds doesn't mean you have to, too

Preservation Roundup: 13 Historic Places We Are Thankful For

From Frank Lloyd Wright to Clifton's Cafeteria, this was a great year for old buildings in Los Angeles
Thanksgiving Dinner

This Is what a Six-Course Thanksgiving Dinner from Taco Bell’s Test Kitchen Looks Like

The taco squad pulled out all the stops at this hot sauce-filled feast
first Taco Bell

Slide Show: The Original Taco Bell Stand Went Rolling Through the Streets Last Night

The 1962 restaurant made the 45-mile journey from Downey to Irvine
First Taco Bell

The First Taco Bell Will Be Saved from Demolition!

The fast food company is moving the 53-year-old building to Irvine on Thursday night
Taco Bell’s New Boss Wrap

Taco Bell’s New Boss Wrap: A Los Angeles Magazine Office Taste Test

Coworkers have mixed emotions when you drop a bag full of Taco Bell on their desk at 9:00 a.m.

Huntington Beach’s Upscale Taco Bell Spinoff Is Finally Calling It Quits

U.S. Taco Company just couldn’t stay afloat in a sea of fast-casual taco competition

Tacolution: The Evolution of the L.A Taco

The changing shape of L.A.’s snack ultimo through the years

Future Nosh: Kogi Meets Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap Supreme

This is what happens when you put double-caramelized short ribs in a hexagonally folded tortilla