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Thanksgiving Dinner

This Is what a Six-Course Thanksgiving Dinner from Taco Bell’s Test Kitchen Looks Like

The taco squad pulled out all the stops at this hot sauce-filled feast
first Taco Bell

Slide Show: The Original Taco Bell Stand Went Rolling Through the Streets Last Night

The 1962 restaurant made the 45-mile journey from Downey to Irvine
First Taco Bell

The First Taco Bell Will Be Saved from Demolition!

The fast food company is moving the 53-year-old building to Irvine on Thursday night
Taco Bell’s New Boss Wrap

Taco Bell’s New Boss Wrap: A Los Angeles Magazine Office Taste Test

Coworkers have mixed emotions when you drop a bag full of Taco Bell on their desk at 9:00 a.m.

Huntington Beach’s Upscale Taco Bell Spinoff Is Finally Calling It Quits

U.S. Taco Company just couldn’t stay afloat in a sea of fast-casual taco competition

Tacolution: The Evolution of the L.A Taco

The changing shape of L.A.’s snack ultimo through the years

Future Nosh: Kogi Meets Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap Supreme

This is what happens when you put double-caramelized short ribs in a hexagonally folded tortilla

Ask Chris: Yo Quiero…Hickory Bell?

Does famed fast-foodery Taco Bell have a Southern BBQ relative?

Chicken And Waffles Overload

Roscoe's isn't the only place serving breakfast with a chicken wing.