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Top 15 Sushi Restaurants

From Little Tokyo to the Valley’s “Sushi Row,” L.A. pairs rice and raw fish like nowhere else. With special attention to sustainability, we dive into the city’s number one cuisine. Here’s where to find the city’s best

The Road to Becoming a Sushi Chef: Japan Vs. L.A.

In Japan, it takes years of work to earn the title of Sushi Chef. In L.A.? Not so much.

Hook, Line, And Drinker: L.A.’s Best Sushi Sips

Defuse the sake bomb and step up your game with this primer on the most appetizing sushi sips

I’m a Female Sushi Chef. Get Over It

Niki Nakayama, chef and owner of N/Naka, explains the unexpected idiosyncrasy of being a female sushi chef.

Where To Fish for Deals on Sushi

Cheap sushi isn’t an oxymoron (or a health hazard). These four spots nail the quality-to-price ratio.

Sushi in L.A.: Round and Round We Go

Help yourself to the conveyor belt history of the city's sushi scene

L.A.’s Most Bodacious Over-The-Top Sushi Rolls

These rockin’ rolls may not be bona fide, but they’re proof that sometimes more is more

A Case Against the Sushi Bar

Seeing your fish before you order makes sense. But most sushi joints are small enough; you can view the offerings from your table

Ode to the California Roll, The Gateway Food To Sushi

The California roll is in truth the epitome of a gateway food.

Q&A: Design Director Steve Banks on Our Mouthwatering May Cover

The story behind the most eye-catching page of this month’s magazine