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What’s in a Name? Niki Nakayama on the Origins of n/naka

This is the story of an L.A. sushi chef's love for fish.

Where Michael Cimarusti, Ricardo Zarate, & Other Great Chefs Get Their Sushi On

Four fish-focused chefs on where they like to omakase.

So, You Want to Be a Sushi Chef When You Grow Up?

A toy model that grown-ups will want to play with too.

L.A.’s Three Most Ridiculous Sushi-Inspired Dishes

It's not always pretty when sushi goes rogue.

Two New Sushi Restaurants Open in L.A.

sugarFISH expands and Osawa Now Serves Pasadena.

Sustainable Shopping: Fish Tips for the Home Cook

Chefs David LeFevre (of the forthcoming Fishing with Dynamite) and Takao Iinuma of Genji Sushi on buying fish retail.

Sushi’s 20 Freshest Pop Culture Moments

From foreign delicacy to supermarket staple, here's how sushi has permeated our cultural consciousness

Love Sushi? Get Ready, Sushi Week is Coming

From April 22 to April 26, visit the Digest Blog (and pick up an issue of the magazine!) to learn about all things sushi in L.A.