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Civil Rights Groups Sue to Stop Newsom’s CARE Court Program

Civil rights groups filed suit in CA Supreme Court against Newsom's CARE plan, arguing it robs the most vulnerable people of their autonomy
Abortion Rights Protest L.A.

In Roe Aftermath, House Set to Vote on Same-Sex Marriage Act

With SCOTUS ruling no on women’s reproductive rights, everything is up for grabs—so Congress thinks maybe it should get involved

Applying for a Gun Permit in NY? Hand Over Your Social Accounts

In NY, concealed carry applicants will soon need to have their social media reviewed so that their "character and conduct" may be judged
los angeles skyline filled with smog

SCOTUS Hamstrings EPA and Federal Climate Efforts in 6-3 Ruling

The conservative majority of the court ”is textualist only when being so suits it,” Justice Elena Kagan wrote in the dissenting opinion

Ketanji Brown Jackson Sworn in as 1st Black Woman on Supreme Court

Jackson, 51, took the judicial oath Thursday, officially joining the Supreme Court as the nation's 116th justice

Weary of ‘All this Bullshit,’ Howard Stern Mulls Presidential Run

Stern, who some still hail as “King of All Media,” stated that he is “not fucking around” in considering a run for the White House in 2024

Attorney General Garland Braces for Republican Onslaught on Abortion

The onetime Supreme Court nominee regroups and readies for court battles to come as red states seek other ways to restrict women's rights

Roe v Wade Decision Brings Protests Across Southern California

Multiple protests against the overturning of the right to abortion care are set for downtown L.A. and across SoCal

Roe v. Wade Decision: Twitter Can’t Believe this Crap Either

Words may hardly express the outrage and grief millions of Americans are feeling now that Roe v. Wade has been stricken, but these come close

The Wreckage of Roe: News and Notes on SCOTUS’ Abortion Ruling From Across Media

A look at the headlines from major media outlets and others on what is sure to be the biggest story of 2022