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The Best Movies at Sundance Were the Documentaries

Standouts include "Kim’s Video," "The Disappearance of Shere Hite" and "Going to Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project," plus films about Judy Blume and Steph Curry
Flora and Son

Sundance Isn’t Dead: A Successful Slate Brings Back Film Festival’s Magic

”Magazine Dreams,” ”Flora and Son” and other favorites soared, but ”Jamojaya" had me calling my dad to tell him I love him. How’s that for a review?

Sundance: Cocky Men Abound in Film Festival’s “Cat Person,” “Fair Play”

Also, "Rotting in the Sun" from director Sebastián Silva is an early favorite at the annual Park City, Utah event

How the Sundance Film Festival Lost Its Cool

You can blame Netflix. You can blame Marvel. But the real culprit in the once-major indie film event’s decline might be Sundance itself

Sundance 2022’s Movie Standouts—And Other Takeaways From the Fest

After a week of the all-virtual event, these are some of the buzziest movies

A Jet Fuel Dump in Southeast L.A. Inspired This Short Film. Now It’s Going to Sundance

Walter Thompson-Hernández’ film, 'IF I GO WILL THEY MISS ME,' explores his complicated relationship with airplanes and what it’s like living below the LAX flight path

Awards Season Under Attack by Omicron: The Cancellations and Postponements

From the Grammy Awards, to the Sundance Film Festival, and the Academy Governor's Awards, several entertainment events been shelved in L.A.
sundance film festival 2021

What You Are (and Aren’t) Missing at This Year’s Virtual Sundance Film Fest

Bouncing around the "reimagined" fest is a satisfying experience, but the roster of films doesn't quite stack up to the prepandemic era
sundance downhill

The New Romantic Male Lead Is a Hapless Wimp

There’s a new man in town at Sundance—and he sure is a nebbish
Bruce Lee studio chinatown

A New Bruce Lee Doc Explores Hollywood’s Intolerance of Asian Americans

'Be Water' presents a vision of the late martial arts star that's far different than what viewers saw in 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'